About Freya

I live my life in a Spiritual way, being aware in all that I do to vibrate in a loving capacity.  I work as a Psychic Medium for over 16 years and I am a mum to four children.  I love to travel and experience different countries and cultures, I love nature.

I invest time in my daily Spiritual practice of meditation, repeating mantras and doing yogic breath-work.

In more recent years I have an amazing Guru in my life who is a Spiritual Master, healer & humanitarian whose teachings are very powerful and transformative.  It is really since meeting my Guru that I have successfully incorporated new ways of “being” into my life to feel more gratitude, balance, humility and love.  

I dedicate my life to serving Spirit and serving others.  Whether this be through my Mediumship work in connecting with loved ones in Spirit, Life path guidance, Life Coaching for work, relationship issues, and to anyone who wishes more fulfillment from their journey in this life.

I have interests in *art, photography, music, writing, yoga, walking and I love animals.

Please let me know how I may serve YOU! 

In Gratitude



I have an interest in particular with working in mixed media, painting, stone art, crystal art and working with Sanskrit and Ogham writing with personal names & positive phrases.  I sell my art pieces on the art page and can make them special and unique to order.


My main work area is in connecting with departed loved ones, giving evidence of their lives and validation of their presence around their loved ones here, to provide comfort, reassurance and healing.

I love my work in serving others in this way. I call myself a “go-between” my client and their loved ones by interpreting and relaying what Spirit show me.

I feel experiences and emotions through animated signals, signs and flashes of information that give evidence of the person with whom you wish to connect. I never know what this information will be, it is usually pertaining to their life here, or it may be evidence of what they have witnessed happening within our lives since they passed.

It is a pure joy for Spirit world to witness the love shared with friends, family, events and holidays and for them to work through me in personal one to one sessions, family sessions and through audience work, all via zoon or skype, allowing the sitter to be present in their own comfortable home surroundings.

I also have undertaken larger audience work in order to provide a platform to reach a larger amount of people.  This work gives many more people the opportunity to not only receive a message but also to the sacredness of being witness to other people’s messages.

Personal one to one Mediumship sittings via Zoom or Skype

Family group sittings in mediumship via Zoom or Skype

Friends and Family session (Intimate Audience arrangements) via Zoom or Skype

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