What is Mediumship

What is a Mediumship Session?

Mediumship sessions allow you the chance to feel a connection with your loved ones that have passed to Spirit.

When a soul is ready to make a connection prior to a mediumship session, you may often be surrounded in little signs that they have sent to you indicating that they are ready.  It may be a song that you hear, a bird coming close to you, a butterfly, sometimes you may smell them close or you may have significant dreams about them.

When a very much loved member of the family or friend has passed very suddenly, mediumship may offer you some reprieve from ruminating and worrying that they are ok.  Souls like to give little evidential snippets of information to reassure you that they are present around you.  Sometimes we may feel cheated that we did not get a chance to say goodbye to our loved one and a mediumship session may indicate who greeted them as they birthed into Spirit world.

Mediumship sessions are offered one to one via Zoom, Skype, or google hangouts/video.

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