The Loss of a Child

The Loss of a child

Connecting to a child through mediumship offers parents an opportunity to receive validation and evidence from Spirit that their child is safe and loved and very much still here.   Your child may project through a medium how they passed as a function of letting their parents know that they really are in the room with them, close by.  They may focus on how they are feeling in Spirit and they may show their parents what they can observe from Spirit world.  They may give evidence about the home place, initials, months, significant dates or describe family members and friends, and their personality most definitely shines through.

Children in Spirit, whether they are a child, or an adult when they pass, love to validate their presence and to confirm signals and signs that you may have already received from them directly yourself.

When children go to Spirit they are aware that their parents are beyond heartbroken, so they work very hard through the medium to give strong evidence to confirm that you definitely KNOW it is them communicating with you.  They do not experience pain, and because they are being supported in a much higher frequency and vibration of love, they do not feel loss in the same way as you do.

Grief is such a multifaceted response to loss and I don’t feel the word grief describes the actual feeling of when you lose a child.  I believe that the emotion felt, would be closer to trauma, as it is such a deep wound, and so personal.  It is such a profoundly pivotal moment in time that any memory recall from experiences in your life become,  “before” my child died, or, that happened “after” my child died.  It may feel to you that you have entered a completely new world.  Everything still looks the same, but it doesn’t feel so.

During this journey it may be difficult to remember the good memories, the joy, the laughter, a time when you were not consumed by your loss.  The physical ache and craving to hold your child or sense them near to you may be overwhelming and this longing may spin you into a deep well of fear and anxiety.  During this critical time connecting with other parents whom have also lost a child and may be a few years ahead in their path may be of significant help to you.  They know exactly what you are feeling and what you are experiencing at every level, their courageous journey and their personal story will help influence hope and strength within you. 

Connecting to your child through Mediumship can sometimes be the first step a parent may take to feel and know that the beautiful energy of their child is around them.  This may be your first experience in making an appointment with a Medium.  Firstly it is important to request a Mediumship session.  Many psychic mediums offer sittings, but not all communicate with departed loved ones, this is important as you do not want to make a booking to discover that the reader is going to work with tarot cards or focus on predicting your future. 

A Mediumship sitting, will offer insight, evidence and validation from your child that they are with you.  While it is healthy to be sceptical if you have never before experienced a sitting, it is good to present open minded and open hearted to the Medium working with you.  Spirit work through a higher vibratory energy rather than the same way we work here in full vocal conversations.

On this, your sacred Spiritual journey, you will learn that over time your loss may not feel smaller.  It will be your strength, courage and higher awareness that will grow in order to carry your loss moving forward in your life, in a way that allows you to live and experience different joys & different experiences.

One of the things I have learned when sitting with parents whom have a child in Spirit, is that they need extra time.  This is totally understandable.  Please enter the code TIME when placing a booking with me so that I can allow extra time in my schedule for you.  It is always an honour for me to connect with and bring through Angel children.